Neepa Sevak [D.H.M.S., DIHom, DHom, DHM, CCH, RSHom(NA)]
Neepa is a charming, welcoming Homeopath, with post graduate Homeopathic education gained in India and England. She has been practicing natural and effective healing to promote health with a Holistic, Totalistic, and Individualistic approach for over 30 years now. She is a mother of two adult children who have never taken any allopathic medicines. Neepa specializes in treating the spiritual vital force using Homeopathic remedies in harmony with the Hahnemanian principles and has successfully helped many patients with various chronic conditions. Neepa served as a supervisor, Clinical Faculty and on the Board of International Affairs at the American Medical College of Homeopathy for over 15 years. Neepa has a private practice in Homeopathy and is also serving as a specialist at ACA (Autism Community of Africa, an organization that is helping heal Autistic children in Africa with the help of Homeopathic remedies).


" Homeopathy -

The most complete and scientific system of healing the sick, 

the world has ever seen."

                                            - Dr. J. H. Clarke

Our patients say it bestů

Just about every day, my office receives affectionate, amazing letters of thanks from former or current patients. I thank them for taking the time to talk about their recovery and for sharing their experience.

Dear Sevak,

My wife Judy and I are so very grateful for your kind assistance in treating Catherine. I really can't describe the anguish and many sleepless nights when Catherine was suffering from the effects of Ulcerative Colitis. Please accept a father's humble gratitude for your skill and perseverance. With God's grace you have really changed her life... and ours too.

Thank you,

Jim Cluett

I have been working with Neepa for 6 years now and I have to say that she really changed our family’s lives. We have two children on the Autism spectrum. Neepa's patience, care and professionalism were critical in helping our son, blossom into a responsible young man. Now, she is also helping our daughter fight this condition and we are seeing great results! Thank you Neepa!

A Thankful parent

I was diagnosed with 12 inches of severe inflammation of Ulcerative Colitis on the last part of my colon. The doctors were talking about removing my colon. I told them no and would wait right now. I contacted Neepa Sevak regarding my problem I started taking the Homeopathic medication in November 2009 and now it is May 2010. I had my Colonoscopy last week and my entire colon is completely healed. I am very Thankful to Neepa. Now I am able to eat anything I like and do not have food allergies anymore.

Sunny Khatri

“Vinny was a beautiful baby boy who reached all his milestones on time or earlier. At about 15 months of age, Vinny started to regress and forgot the few words that he knew; he used gestures to express himself.  His pediatrician kept reassuring us that he was fine.  At the age of four, while on vacation in Canada, he was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum disorder. Ever since, we began the uphill battle that every parent in the same situation faces.  We decided to move to Phoenix, AZ. After many treatments of supplements and diet, we decided to try Homeopathy.  A friend recommended Neepa Sevak, who helped take Vinny’s progress to next level. She was very patient and understanding. She had a great knowledge of the subject and made good suggestions. The treatment was better for Vinny because there was no heavy-tasting supplement to take, no powder or liquid to hide in applesauce. After few weeks, Vinny was completely potty trained with no accident in bed at night.  Eventually, we were able to stop the GFCF diet that he was on; we are still working with Ms. Sevak even though we moved back to Maryland; she also practices phone consultation.  He is progressing well and we could not have been happier”. 

Brigitte kobenan, Mrs. Congeniality World 2008, Vinny’s mom.


"I found Neepa Sevak’s approach to assessing my infant’s Homeopathy needs extremely thorough, competent and professional. She has a very calm and reassuring approach, which immediately puts her clients at ease. Her remedies were 100% successful for treating my son’s asthma and I would recommend her to everyone."

Mr. Shah

We have had a fantastic experience with Neepa as our Homeopath. We came to Neepa with our 2-year-old daughter who was experiencing a bad string of colds and digestive problems. Neepa was able to immediately help us begin to build up my daughter’s immune system in a noninvasive and safe way and now she has had only one cold in the last 5 months vs. four in one month. Neepa has also really worked with us to find ways to relieve my daughter’s chronic constipation, which has continued to heal. I love how comforting and knowledgeable Neepa is. I would and have recommended her to anyone seeking homeopathic treatment.  

Valerie Azevedo

I highly recommend Neepa Sevak’s Homeopathic treatment. She has helped facilitate my healing process in ways I thought previously impossible. The remedy she prescribed helped treat my 30 year old Psoriasis completely. Thanks, Neepa.



"After suffering for years with allergy symptoms and chronic sinus infections, I became frustrated with the effects of allergy medications and antibiotics.  I was fortunate to be lead to the offices of Neepa Sevak and her excellent and knowledgeable care.  In a very brief period of time, I was completely off all allergy medications.  My symptoms lessened and lessened to the point they are only occasional annoyances.  I have not had one single sinus infection since initiating treatment with Neepa.  

Neepa understands and uses the principles of homeopathy to her client's health benefit.  I feel 100% better and I feel strong.  I am extremely grateful for the fantastic care I received from Neepa.  In the future, I will contact Neepa for any healthcare need I incur."

Lynne Hulvey


Neepa was very effective in using Homeopathic remedies to successfully treat our daughter’s eczema when she was three years old. Neepa takes a comprehensive, holistic approach in her treatment and is also very professional and personable in her interactions with the patient and the family.

A Mom


Thank you so much for agreeing to speak at SRP's AIN employee interest group and taking time out of you busy day to be here and give a wonderful presentation on Homeopathic remedies to promote health with a Holistic, Totalistic and Individualistic approach.

AIN Steering Committee

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